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ibaPDA-Interface-Modbus-TCP-Client - 31.001022 iba-ag

Product number: 31.001022
ibaPDA Interface: Modbus TCP/IP Client
PDA Modbus TCP/IP Interface for communication with systems and devices which supports Modbus Server functionality.
Technical Data:
  • PDA driver decoding for Modbus over TCP/IP
  • Client functionality:
    - Active communication partner
    - Initiates the Modbus communication
    - Requests data from a Modbus server
  • Useable for Devices with Modbus TCP/IP Server functionality and Modbus serial devices behind a Modbus TCP/IP to serial Gateway
  • The following Modbus register can be read (supported Modbus Function codes):
    - Coils (Modbus Function code 1)
    - Discrete Inputs (Modbus Function code 2)
    - Holding registers (Modbus Function code 3)
    - Input registers (Modbus Function code 4)
  • The type of function codes to choose depends on the Modbus server.
  • Number of connections/modules: 64
Special Remarks:
  • Requires a PDA basic license
  • Please provide to us the dongle number of the existing PDA license with your order that we can prepare the license extension for your dongle
  • If there are more than 64 communication connections (modules) required, the interface can be extended with additional 64 interfaces (modules) with the license "one-step-up- Interface-Modbus over TCPIP - Client". This license extension can be used 3 times per interface and allows in total 256 connections (modules) per interface.
Weight: 0,10 kg
ibaPDA-Interface-Modbus-TCP-Client - 31.001022 iba-ag

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