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Bộ điều khiển vị trí A352-150-20 Nireco - Nireco Vietnam

Web Control Systems
Edge Position Control Systems(Electric type)
Motor-Driven Actuator A352
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The A352-150-20 AC servo actuator is connected to a servo driver and a strip guide amplifier. This model is primarily used as an actuator (drive) for EPC systems. The totally enclosed structure of the actuator combines a highly efficient ball screw and an AC servo motor. The ball screw is driven by the forward or reverse rotation of the AC servo motor. The ball screw nut moves in the direction of the thrust, generating an external reciprocating motion.
Nominal speedApprox. 20 mm/s (at a motor speed of 2,000 rpm)
Mechanical stroke150 mm * stroke between the reed switches
Usable stroke140mm * stroke between the reed switche
Thrust3.5 kN
Motor specificationsOutput 0.2 kW
Voltage 200 V AC
LubricationGrease applied
Piston rod rotational torqueApprox. 6 N‧m
Ambient operating temperature0 to 40℃ (standard)
(If this unit is to be used at a temperature of 40℃ or greater, please contact your nearest Nireco Web Sales Section.)
Relative humidityNo more than 80%RH
Protective structure ratingIndoor type (corresponding to IP50 protection)
Paint color (standard color)7.5BG 4/1.5

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