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Thiết bị đo thế năng chính hãng FSG - Tăng Minh Phát Việt Nam

  • with resistance, current or voltage output
    Today potentiometric Angular Position Transmitters attain a still more status with regard to the analogue measuring technique as far as high-quality measurement tasks are concerned due to the favourable value for money.
    They are mainly used for
    • Power and braking control elements for railway vehicles as well as ship telegraphs
    • Rudder and propeller systems for ships
    • Control drives for systems in the field of energy management and chemical industry
    • Lifting gears and slewing mechanisms of cranes and excavators
    • Tail vanes for meteorological measurements
    • As dancer potentiometers for textile and paper machinery
    • As well as for measurements in the field of mechanical, apparatus and medical engineering
    Potentiometric transmitters have either a high-resolution element of conductive plastic or a high-resolution gold or constantan wire with various resistance and angle values.
    They are available in various sizes as single-turn or multiple-turn potentiometers or in a multiple design.
    For adjustment of the measuring range almost all series can be provided with short-circuiting tracks, taps and function windings.
    Some models are available with incorporated Signal Converter providing current or voltage outputs in configuration of 2, 3 or 4 wires.
    To ensure reliability in very dirty atmospheres, oil-filled potentiometers are available.
    Moreover, to provide protection for all potentiometers from mechanical damage, dusty and damp industrial atmospheres a series of casings with a degree of protection IP 40 to IP 68 is available which can be equipped with gearing and limit switches.

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